International Women's Day 2019

This International Women’s Day we’ve collected stories from our archives that showcase the work of extraordinary women in fields ranging from humanitarian photography to sustainable fashion, artists and entrepreneurs.

Madara Freimane, co-founder of What's Your Legacy, chats about her career, where it all started, and what's exciting her about the sustainable fashion movement in our February 2018 interview.

Freya Dowson works on behalf of NGOs to document communities in, often, developing contexts. On her blog, Nishaantishu, she shares these images alongside editorial and lifestyle shots of her life in London. We discussed how she began her photography career, what inspires her and how she captures the personality and warmth of her subjects.

Artist Gemma Hampton discusses how she developed her signature free-flowing style, her working life and the organic growth of her career in our October 2018 interview.

Sustainable fashion designer and Huffington Post collumnist, Eleanor O'Neill, chats about the challenges of building an ethical fashion business and shares her thoughts on the fashion industry.